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Coronavirus Update

All in-person classes are on hold until further notice. Meanwhile, join my facebook page for updates and enjoy these WTIU videos. There are 26 very short episodes!



Get to know your body and mind through mindfulness exercises and body awareness


Become stronger, more flexible, balanced and relaxed


Practice being kind to ourselves and others, creating inner and outer peace and contentment


Creative games and favorite songs adapted to yoga make the classes dynamic and fun


Breathing exercises help us find center and calmness


Unlocking your kids' potential, imagination, confidence and expression.

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Yoga & Mindfulness
6-8 year olds &
9-11 year olds NEW OFFER!

These 45-minute classes are created for the kids but adults are NOT required to stay. Small classes (6 kids) at my home, will be affordable and personalized. We will practice deep breathing, learn warm ups and sequences adapted for each age group. Creative games, favorite kids songs (for the youngest group), Yoga principles based on Yamas and Niyamas (older age group), partner yoga, and relaxation in the end.

JANUARY 2020 (Happy New Year!)

(4 week series)


These 45-minute classes are created for the kids as an after school program. Currently offered at University Elementary School, it’s a 4 months program that evolves with the kids! 2 classes with mixed ages (6-7-8 and 9-10-11) with max number of 10 kids each. It includes kids-appropriate mindfulness and breathing exercises, warm ups, creative games, favorite kids songs, partner yoga, and finishing with relaxation.

(4-month series)

What are parents saying?

My kids loved yoga with Priscilla! I was amazed when my 4yo, at the time, and very energetic son really stopped to listen to her and do the poses!! My other son was very young and missed some instruction but Priscilla was always patient to redirected him. We have great memories from her yoga classes!!

Mariana Pacheco


My daughter and I both really enjoyed yoga class with Priscilla. She is so patient with the kids and has a variety of activities to engage them throughout the class. We can’t wait to sign up for the next session.

Melissa Breidenbach


Our daughter has been doing yoga with Miss Priscilla since the beginning of the school year 2018-19. We are amazed how doing yoga helps our child to be more calm. She uses relaxing breathing techniques, and we observe that yoga helps her impulses move in a positive direction. Miss Priscilla is an amazing instructor, and we highly recommend her!

Zeynep Elbasan


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I share yoga, mindfulness, music & creative movement as expressive ways to learn about ourselves and connect with each other.